Our compact, low-power application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) are critical to our customers’ needs for miniaturization and minimal power consumption requirements in their wearable headsets.

Extending battery life is critical for any wearable headset. While our display panels consume very low power (10 – 30 mW depending on the display resolution) thanks to Kopin’s patented low voltage and clock driverless architectures, our very low power driver ASIC also reduce the overall display system power. Kopin offers ASIC solutions with all of its displays to provide easier integration for its customers.

Most of the power consumption of the driver ASIC is in the video amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Incorporating patent-pending DAC circuits, Kopin’s ASIC consume less than half the power of the conventional method.

Kopin’s subsidiary, e-MDT America, has been a leader in low-power analog/digital circuit designs. e-MDT America specializes in designing ultra-low-power driver integrated circuits (ICs) and backplanes for many kinds of displays, including reflective Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) displays.


Expertise In Practice

A230 Driver ASIC

Kopin’s A230 ASIC drives Kopin CyberDisplay® WQVGA LVS displays. The A230 ASIC consumes less than 50 mW to drive a WQVGA display in full video mode. A frame buffer memory residing in the ASIC offers further system power savings.

A913 Driver ASIC

A913 drives Kopin's CyberDisplay® VGA LVS and WVGA LVS color displays. It includes one PLL and three 10-bit DACS with six video amplifiers for supporting one CyberDisplay.