Wearable devices are redefining the interactions between users and technology, and the role of human factors and ergonomics is critical in shaping the experiences these devices deliver.

Kopin has helped our customers develop products with superior form factors which enable them to differentiate their products. From the creation of ultra-compact components to the development of the complete wearable headset system, we understand the requirements necessary to help create great user experiences in wearable headset devices.

Kopin has worked on enhancing the design and user experience of head-mounted devices to make them comfortable to wear, good looking and easy to use. We develop ergonomically-designed systems that properly balance the weight distribution and allow adjustments for the user to wear them comfortably. The optical pod and manipulation mechanisms are properly designed for the user to see critical information easily. Through optimal positioning of microphones and voice enhancement technology, voice recognition is ensured for top performance even in loud environments. Kopin’s design allows manufacturing for ruggedized requirements including for the US military.

Kopin's introduction of the first solid-state transmissive microdisplays enabled customers in the consumer electronic space to reduce the size of their products in half by replacing large bulky displays with Kopin's micro displays. The change in the size of the display also contributed to lower form factors because it reduced power consumption requirements so the size of batteries could be reduced. As a result of camcorders, digital still cameras and other mass merchandise products fit into the palm of your hand.

Golden-i 3.8 Headset

Expertise In Practice

Golden-i 3.8

Kopin's Golden-i 3.8 Reference Design is built to fit all head sizes while increasing the productivity and efficiency of its users. This HMD system features unique flexible plastic stabilizers and an innovative spring loaded headband that distributes pressure evenly above the ears with soft pads.