As a wearable technology industry leader, Kopin has been highly prolific in advancing human-computer interaction modalities for wireless "Hands-Free" mobile computing and communications.

Through the combination of pure research and experience in developing wearable applications, Kopin’s patent-pending software solutions elevate the "Hands-Free" computing experience to new levels in personal and team performance.

Hands-free. Voice controlled. Instantly accessible. Head gesture enabled.

Kopin’s software teams are highly versed in all aspects of software development from low level hardware support to advanced, distributed multimedia and social data exchange over the Internet, all customized for highly mobile users. Kopin software is incorporated in both Android and Windows CE environments. Partnerships with industry leaders of advanced computing have enabled Kopin to develop advanced capabilities unique to Kopin headset products.

All Kopin headsets integrates the core capabilities of speech recognition, noise cancellation, head-gesture tracking, and advanced user interface controls, providing unparalleled "Hands-Free" mobile solutions.

Expertise In Practice

Golden-i Operating System

Golden-i, our headset reference design for industry, is built upon an operating system that enables wearable interactions via voice and head-gestures, while enabling the access and display of critical information and communications. The OS features an API allowing developers to create unique applications, and it integrates with OpenGL to enable interfaces with transparency and transition animations.

Maintenance Pro App

Our maintenance pro application for Golden-i provides field workers with an interactive and safe workspace while using voice command and head gesture capabilities. This is an example of one of the many custom wearable headset software applications Kopin has developed.