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Kopin Brings High-Definition, Large-Picture Viewing Experience to Mobile Users


Binocular Display Module with 720P Resolution and other New Products to be Demonstrated at Society for Information Display 2011

TAUNTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kopin® Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), the leader in microdisplays for consumer and military applications, will showcase its newest high-resolution displays and module products at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2011 Exhibition. The event takes place May 17 – 19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. The highlight of the Kopin exhibit is the new binocular display module (BDM) with 720P (1280 x 720) resolution.

“The compact BDM-720P offers high-definition (HD), large-picture viewing experience to mobile users,” said Kopin President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John C.C. Fan. “The key component inside the BDM-720P is Kopin’s CyberDisplay® 720P display, which is the world’s smallest color-filter liquid crystal display (0.49” diagonal) with 2.8 x 8.4 µm color dots. The optics, specially designed by Kopin for a large eye relief and eye box, are precisely aligned to the displays and optimized for 3D HD viewing. With difficult engineering work already done by Kopin, the BDM-720P will make it easier for video eyewear or headset makers to offer products for mobile consumers to enjoy high definition, vivid color 3D video.”

New displays and modules being shown at Kopin’s booth (#1502) include:

  • BDM-720P: The BDM-720P incorporates two CyberDisplay 720P displays, backlights and a pair of 35º field-of-view optics with large eye relief (20 mm) and pupil size (10 mm) in a lightweight, self-contained unit (101.6 mm x 17.5 mm x 29.3 mm). The BDM-720P provides full-color images equivalent to a 53-inch screen viewed from a 7-foot distance. Kopin will demonstrate a video headset reference design incorporating a BDM-720P, which shows 720P movies from Apple’s iPad2 or 3D 720P movies from Blue Ray player with HDMI 1.4.
  • Ruby Module: A high-performance commercial off-the-shelf, full-color SVGA (800 x 600), plug-&-play display module in a compact, low-power package. It accepts a wide range of digital input standards, including VESA SVGA and VGA 60Hz, and is capable of operating in SVGA and VGA modes with image X-Y shifting capability to support accurate sensor alignment. Ruby is available in both military (ITAR) and commercial (EAR-99) versions.
  • CyberDisplay SXGA LBC display: A transmissive liquid crystal display with a 1280 x 1024 resolution in a 0.97-inch diagonal size. This display is targeted at emerging high-end applications such as advanced night vision, virtual reality and 3D HD gaming. The CyberDisplay SXGA LBC display can be driven by Kopin’s A251 or A252 driver ASIC.
  • SXGA-R5 display: A 0.88-inch reflective Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) microdisplay from Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kopin Corporation. The SXGA-R5 display is the latest generation in ForthDD’s family of high-performance 1280 x 1024 display systems, and is ideally suited for applications such as high-end training and simulation as well as a variety of medical applications. The SXGA-R5 sports an advanced video interface which significantly reduces size, weight and power consumption while providing stunning image quality.

In addition, Kopin will exhibit products from the Company’s customers.

  • Samsung Electronics’ NX10 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that incorporates an APS-C size 14.6-mega-pixel CMOS sensor and Kopin’s compact electronic viewfinder with CyberDisplay VGA LVS color display with 640 x 480 resolution.
  • Recon Instrument’s Transcend is the world’s first ski goggle with integrated GPS and near-eye display system, which enables skiers to view speed, latitude and longitude, altitude, vertical distance traveled, total distance traveled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. Skiers can navigate through these features with a wireless remote, all while traveling at fast speeds on slippery ski slopes.
  • Pulsar-NV’s Recon 550 is one of the most compact and ergonomic digital night vision devices available in the market. Combining high light gathering capacity with large magnification, Recon 550 provides one of the best viewing distances among budget night vision devices. The built-in IR illuminator permits the device to operate in complete darkness.

“The products we demonstrate at SID is a result of our relentless pursuit for higher resolution, better color, and lower power consumption to satisfy our customers’ needs,” continued Fan. “Our broad product offering ranging from transmissive and reflective LCDs to display modules, combined with our high-volume production capabilities and strong financial position, is essential to supporting mobile imaging solutions for our customers.”

About Kopin

Kopin Corporation’s voice-activated, wireless, hands-free Golden-i® mobile computing headsets, lightweight, power-efficient, ultra-small liquid crystal displays and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) are revolutionizing the way people around the world see, hear and communicate. Kopin has shipped more than 30 million displays for a range of consumer and military applications including digital cameras, personal video eyewear, camcorders, thermal weapon sights and night vision systems. The Company's unique HBTs, which help to enhance battery life, talk time and signal clarity, have been integrated into billions of wireless handsets as well as into WiFi, VoIP and high-speed Internet data transmission systems. Kopin's proprietary display and HBT technologies are protected by more than 200 global patents and patents pending. For more information, please visit Kopin's website at

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