Kopin designs concept systems to help its customers accelerate the development of wearable headset systems.

Golden-i 3.8D is a reference design headset system for industrial applications to help improve the productivity and efficiency of its users. It has a powerful microprocessor, a display pod that provides an equivalent of a 15 inch screen, a 14-MP camera, 9-axis motion sensor to track head motion, and wireless connections via WiFi and Bluetooth. The Golden-i 3.8D offers hands-free operation with voice command and gesture control. It is designed to fit all head sizes and features unique plastic stabilizers and an innovative spring-loaded headband that distributes pressure evenly above the ears with soft pads.

Design Services

Kopin has an extensive technology portfolio and experience in system design and software, which enable us to provide customers with design services for wearable headset computer systems in order to accelerate product development.