Kopin is able to provide a wide range of display, ASIC, and module products that help improve the productivity and efficiency of an application.


As a leading microdisplay supplier, Kopin continues to set the standard for near-eye display performance and quality. Proven reliability and quality combined with a wide selection of displays make Kopin the right choice for your demanding applications.

ASIC Products

Incorporating patent-pending DAC circuits, Kopin’s ASIC consume less than half the power of the conventional method.

Module Products

Kopin's module products help its customers introduce consumer products quickly at a lower cost by offering a complete solution.

Audio - Whisper Chip

Designed to enhance the performance of existing audio systems and speech recognition engines, the Whisper chip allows the speaker’s voice to be clearly “heard” by the listener, whether a person or a machine -- even in extreme noise environments. The Whisper chip incorporates Kopin’s Voice Extraction™ Technology that enables a truly hands-free voice interface.


Together, Kopin and Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. have entered into an agreement to produce and market new high-capacity lithium-ion batteries for use in head-worn wearable products based on silicon oxide with carbon (SiO-C) in the anode. The new technology doubles the capacity for a given battery volume compared to today’s conventional lithium-ion batteries.