Kopin offers high-level assembly (HLA) services for a variety of rugged display modules to support the U.S. and foreign military programs.

The modules are assembled in Kopin's class-10 clean room to prevent any visible foreign objects from getting inside the module. The modules include the LCD, backlight, and driver electronics, as well as optical elements for viewing the image.

Following completion of the module construction, all units are subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests, referred to as the ATP (Acceptance Test Protocol). Many aspects of the module are evaluated, including but not limited to; weight, dimensional conformance, electrical parameters and the performance of the LCD, backlight and all associated optics. Upon successful completion of the ATP, the units are loaded into ESD (Electro-static Discharge) protected packages and vacuum sealed for shipment to the customer. A CD and hard copy of all test results are included in the packaging for the customers' records. With these sealed HLAs, the customer can then assemble the fully tested display module into the system using standard assembly facilities without worry of foreign object intrusion.