Forget Touch – Reliable Voice Interface is Now a Reality with Kopin’s New Whisper™ Chip!

Breakthrough Voice Extraction™ Technology Enhances Voice Interface Performance — Even in Extreme Noise Conditions. Doubles the accuracy of automatic speech recognition in noisy environments and that dramatically improves far-field voice quality in smartphones and wearables.

No Hands Needed
The 4x4mm, low-power, digital Whisper Voice Chip enables wearable electronics to perform accurate speech recognition and to provide more natural voice quality. What’s more, it provides a true hands-free, noise-cancelled speech-recognition interface that works nearly everywhere – regardless of environmental noise – addressing the key pain-point about which consumers complain today.

The key to Whisper’s extreme accuracy is Kopin’s Voice Extraction™ Filter.

Feeding Whisper’s exceedingly clean linear voice signal into a speech engine results in significant improvements in speech-recognition rates and a more natural-sounding voice to the far-end listener. (In tests, Whisper maintained an accuracy rate of 93 percent in a 95 dB noise environment, compared to competitive products, which maintained an accuracy rate of just 40 percent or less.)

The Whisper Chip is completely different than other audio chips: it is an all-digital solution that runs at only 16MHz, consumes less than 12mW of power and replaces the CODEC – no ADC or DAC is needed. It is also compact (4 x 4 mm) and accepts up to four (4) digital microphone inputs. The technology embedded in the Whisper chip is protected by more than 20 patents and patents pending.

A completely different approach to noise: We use dynamic AI:

  • Sample acoustic environment 16,000 times per second
  • Dynamic analysis of noise and voice activity
  • Voice Extraction Filter to ‘extract’ voice without distortion
  • More than 20 patents issued and pending

Other systems use “physics” approach to suppress noise signals and boost voice signals – this inherently introduces distortions which speech engines cannot process. Kopin audio solution outperforms anything we have tested against, once the parameters are tuned for the device and the application.

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