Commercial Display: SVGA LSC

Display Resolution Size (Dia.) Driver ASIC
SVGA LSC 800(3) x 600 0.44″ A253

The CyberDisplay® SVGA LSC is a color-filter active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) with a resolution of 800×600. The CyberDisplay SVGA LSC utilizes high-performance single crystal silicon transistors and is the smallest (0.44″ diagonal) transmissive AMLCD for the resolution. The transmissive CyberDisplay SVGA LSC has the same display architecture as the industry standard LCD monitor or TV. The ultra-compact CyberDisplay SVGA LSC is ideal for high end consumer or professional portable devices.

Functional Description

The CyberDisplay SVGA LSC features Kopin’s low-voltage architecture for low power consumption and compatibility with CMOS driver ICs. Bidirectional horizontal and unidirectional vertical scanner circuits are integrated along with a sleep mode. The total dot active resolution is 800 x 600 x 3 (1,440,000 dots). The CyberDisplay SVGA LSC can be driven by the A251 controller IC

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