Kopin optics are ideal for wearable headset devices because of their small, light-weight form factors, and their ability to produce sharp and colorful images to enhance the capabilities of our display products.

Kopin provides optics solutions for its transmissive displays, ranging from compact optics for consumer electronics to advanced optics for military and industrial applications. Kopin’s optics designed for consumer wearable headsets are very compact while creating beautiful images with comfortable visual experience. Our decades of expertise in building modules, incorporating displays, backlight, and optics ensures that our optical components are crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience of larger than life visuals and data that is critical to access.

Expertise In Practice

Folded Prism Lens

Kopin’s innovative folded prism lens is designed for Kopin’s CyberDisplay WQVGA LVS LCD (428x240 resolution in 0.20"diagonal). The module incorporating the display, backlight and optics (White Pearl) is very compact (28.3 x 12.9 x 8 mm) and provides an image with less than 0.5% distortion in a 14.5-deg field of view with a comfortably large eye box (8 x 5 mm) and eye relief (22.5 mm).

Pupil Optics

Kopin offers display modules incorporating innovative Pupil Optics with license from Olympus Corporation. Because of its micro aperture size (< 4 mm in height), which is much smaller than people’s pupil size (~7 mm), these optics provide both see-through viewing at the optics area and see-around viewing outside of the optics area.