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Whether they’re hiking, diving, or exercising, change how your customers see this world – or help them create their own new one.

Thermal Imaging

See heat signatures in total darkness for a variety of different situations, including home and personal security. 

Whether you’re checking your backyard for wildlife or on the lookout for wildfires, our application-specific optical solutions quickly detect humans, animals, and objects in low visibility. Kopin is a leader in near-eye displays for thermal imaging handheld portable products, mounted units, scopes, and vision goggles, and can customize LCD, OLED and FLCoS displays for any application.

thermal image of dog

High Performance Vision Systems for AR/VR

User-Friendly Design

Our visual systems are made for pain-free and safe sustained use, preventing dizziness, eyestrain and image distortion.

Advanced Tech

Harness brighter, lighter, thinner, lower-power optical technology, including next-generation microLED. We use our experience in developing people-centric visual systems to help make AR/VR devices more accessible.

High Resolution

We design and produce high quality, full-color displays with wide field of view and clear image quality, no matter how complex the application.

Range of Solutions

As the only company offering all leading microdisplay technologies, combined with custom optics, electronics, and integrated vision systems, we can offer the best solution for your product.

Transforming Vision

Our optical assemblies are key components in a wide range of consumer products that change the way we experience the world – and open the way for new ones.

Smart Glasses

Drone and UAV

Sports and Recreation

Automotive and ATV

Custom Development

Kopin’s technology experts work with you to design systems that meet your unique product requirements for safety, wearability, and performance. Our technology portfolio and experience in system design and software enables us to develop the best solutions for your needs more quickly and efficiently. 

microdisplay close-up

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

We have the experience and technical expertise to help you bring your product vision to life.

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