Kopin Making A Difference

Always there for our customers

Pilots, doctors, auto mechanics – all depend on Kopin to help them interact with the world in new ways – and change it for the better.

You can see the impact of optics technology everywhere. Our microdisplays and integrated vision systems bring clarity, precision and insight to every end user.

Committed to the Mission

Our government customers count on our expertise to deliver vision systems that protect those serving our country when they need it the most.

Soldier with child

Committed to Safety

Our enterprise customers count on our expertise and ability to supply quality products that ensure the safety of citizens and their families.

Auto mechanic with wearable headset

Committed to On-Time Delivery

Our government customers count on us to ensure the U.S. Air Force is equipped with the best gear in the most vulnerable situations.

F-35 pilot

Committed to Meeting Specifications

Our government customers count on us to meet all requirements and ensure the U.S. Army has the equipment necessary for successful missions.

Abrams tank

Committed to Quality

Our consumer customers count on us to deliver high performance displays that help them enjoy their hobbies and keep their families safe.

Girl with dog

Committed to Precision

Our medical customers count on us to develop HMDs that provide critical patient insights, save surgeons from physical fatigue – and help save patients’ lives.