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From complete vision systems to easy-to-integrate microdisplays and modules, Kopin has a wide range of products to meet your needs.


We offer all leading microdisplay technologies – LCD, OLED, FLCoS and microLED – across a range of resolutions.

OLED microdisplay

Spatial Light Modulators

Our FLCoS devices are ideal for various advanced applications, such as spatial light modulators and high-performance display systems.

group of spatial light modulators

Optical Modules

Our compact, power-saving assemblies with integrated high resolution microdisplays and optics are ideal for wearable and portable devices.

Golden Pearl optical module

Training and Simulation

Our AR/VR headsets and simulated military equipment make live and virtual training as realistic as possible.



Our ultra lightweight, ergonomic, high-definition wearable display brings surgeons greater image detail, accuracy and clarity.

HMDmd CR3 surgical wearable

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

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