Vision Beyond Comparison

Markets + Applications

Whatever your challenge, Kopin makes application-specific optical assemblies that deliver a performance advantage by providing a digital overlay on the analog world.

For Mach 2 missions, complex surgical operations, and no-fail remote field work, our products provide insights and precision in the most critical situations. We design and deliver user-centric systems that empower human performance, no matter the industry.

Defense + Security

Meet warfighter needs with customized visual and display solutions for aviation, combat vehicle and dismounted soldier system applications.

F-35 HMD

Training + Simulation

Ensure effective and realistic high-performance training with AR/VR HMDs and military simulation equipment. 

NCM3 military training

Enterprise + Industrial

Empower the connected worker with optical assemblies for wearable remote expert systems, ensure product quality with spatial light modulators for precision inspection, and more.

Enterprise wearable with remote expert


Assist doctors with lighter, higher resolution AR HMDs that provide critical information while reducing physical fatigue. 

Surgeon wearing HMDmd in operating room


Whether they’re hiking, diving, or exercising, change how your customers see this world – or help them create their own new one. 

Consumer playing VR game

Technologies + Products 

The Optical System Experts

Harness our experience and technical knowledge to build the application-specific solutions you need.