Custom Solutions

Technologies + Products

Developing Your Ideal Solution 

Kopin’s wide range of expert technical capabilities allows us to work with you to design the best optical solution for your application. 

Integrated Vision Systems

From tank targeting systems to HMDs for surgeons, we design and manufacture integrated assemblies that include microdisplays, electronics and specialized optics.

surgeon wearing HMD


We are the only company that offers all leading microdisplay technologies, including LCD, OLED, FLCoS and microLED. 

microLED microdisplay


From simple prism optics to sophisticated lens stacks and lightweight plastic, we have deep experience in a wide range of optics. 

lenses with light passing through


We design ASICs and boards to drive compact, power-saving, application-specific optical solutions for optimal performance.

circuit board

Ruggedized Housings

Our assemblies are designed and built with ruggedized housings to protect our microdisplays, electronics and optics in the harshest environments.

soldier using IWS weapon sight