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Our head and instrument-mounted vision systems assist doctors with high resolution imaging, providing critical information while reducing physical fatigue.  

Head-Mounted Displays

Ultra-lightweight, ergonomic, high-definition wearable displays bring surgeons greater image detail, accuracy and clarity.

Displays are the surgeon’s wearable command and control interface. Working with HMDmd, we’ve developed an innovative Wearable Surgical Monitor for instant data access. Kopin combines high-resolution 3D imaging and real-time patient-specific information overlays with peripheral vision and a design that eliminates neck pain and physical fatigue for extended wear.

Close up of surgeon wearing HMDmd CR3

Healthcare and Medical Imaging

Display high-resolution, high-contrast visual data directly in surgical microscope eyepieces, ophthalmic testing or amblyopia therapy.

Kopin’s high-brightness display technology for optical microscopes allows for a more forgiving head position for the surgeon while making it easier to view high quality surgical imaging and patient data.

Surgical microscope

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

We develop the right optical solution for the unique challenges of surgical environments.

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