Kopin is a leading developer and provider of technologies and solutions that enhance the visual, verbal, audio, and head-gesture command capabilities of wearable headset products.Innovation is in our DNA.

For more than three decades, Kopin’s scientists and engineers have created innovative technologies that have enhanced the way people see, hear, and communicate. Kopin has developed and commercialized game-changing technologies such as heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT) which power billions of cellphones, and microdisplays which have brought vivid images to more than 30 million consumer electronics and military night vision devices.

Kopin has a long history of developing technologies required for wearable computing headsets for the military, consumers, or industry. Kopin has contributed to the development of head-mounted displays for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, created the Golden-i, a wearable headset design for enterprise, Solos smart glasses for cyclists and runners, and collaborated on many wearable products with a range of companies including Fujitsu, Google, Motorola, Realwear and Vuzix.

Today, Kopin is focused on helping our customers develop wearable headset systems more rapidly. Kopin’s technology portfolio of ultra-small displays, innovative optics, speech enhancement technology, head-gesture command, low-power ASICs, packaging, and system reference designs enable customers to accelerate the development of products for consumers, industry, and the military. Kopin has more than 300 global patents and patents pending in these areas.

Kopin has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Forth Dimension Displays Limited located in Scotland and NVIS Inc. located in Virginia. Forth Dimension Displays offers ferroelectric LCOS devices for spatial light modulators and high-resolution imagers. NVIS offers high-resolution, near-eye display systems designed for high-fidelity immersive training and simulation.


KOPIN Corporate Headquarters 
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