Vision Beyond The Battlefield

Markets + Applications

Defense + Security

Enhance warfighter capability in hostile environments to provide a critical performance advantage, so they can operate with confidence.

Aviation Systems

Enable pilots to interpret tactical, flight and sensor data without fatigue or dizziness using our high dynamic range displays.

Helicopter HMD

Dismounted Soldier Systems

Improve warfighter situational awareness with multi-spectral weapon sights and soldier vision systems in order to detect and prevail.

Family of Weapon Sights (FWS)

Combat Vehicle Systems

From targeting systems to HMDs for 360-degree vision, our ruggedized display systems enhance situational awareness and improve target identification.

Soldier inside a tank

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

Starting a new program? Our application-specific solutions can meet warfighter needs along with DoD and DFARS requirements.

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