Our History

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than 35 years, Kopin has been on the forefront of pioneering technology that has changed the way people experience the world.

From heterojunction bipolar transistors that power every smartphone today to advanced helmet-mounted displays that enable F-35 pilots to own the skies, Kopin has been developing groundbreaking display, wearable, imaging, and AR/VR innovations that have revolutionized industries since its founding. With over 200 patents, 35 million commercial displays shipped, and 300,000 fielded defense displays, we continue to invent and deliver cutting-edge systems that create vision beyond imagination to maximize human performance.


Kopin unveils the VGA microdisplay (0.44” diagonal), the smallest of its kind at the time.


Kopin makes good on DARPA’s 1990 investment by delivering displays and optical modules for U.S. Army weapon sight programs and Air Force pilot helmets.


Kopin unveils a reference design of a complete head-worn computer with hands-free, voice- and gesture-activated control.


Kopin acquires Forth Dimension Displays, a leader in FLCoS display technology used in spatial light modulators.


Kopin receives order for F-35 Pilot Helmet Displays, meeting high brightness and reliability requirements for all operational conditions.


The Augmented Reality (AR) market begins and Google Glass debuts, enabled by Kopin microdisplays.


Kopin launches SOLOS smart glasses for athletes which focus on performance, style, and comfort, demonstrating that AR systems do not need to be large clunky helmets but can be fashionable eyewear.


Kopin acquires NVIS, a leader in training and simulation technology.


Kopin develops proprietary Lightning OLED backplanes, which allow for tandem OLED displays for greater brightness, and Golden-I Infinity, a tethered device which allows for a smaller, lighter, head-worn device.


Kopin commences development of ultrabright microLED display technology for the future of AR products.


Kopin commences development of wearable medical-grade head-worn systems for surgeons.


Kopin develops LcoS displays, which provide the performance necessary to allow for the transition from legacy display systems used by the US DoD to digital technology.

Vision for the Future

Kopin is focused on developing human-centric, application-specific optical solutions that maximize performance in the most critical situations.

surgeon wearing CR3 medical wearable monitor