Throughout the years, Kopin’s scientists and engineers have created technologies ranging from heterojunction bipolar transistors to microdisplays. These solutions help enhance the human experience of computing technology and contribute to a better tomorrow.

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen
Golden-i Infinity is the first voice- and gesture-controlled wearable device that supports Android and Windows 10-based computing solutions. (2018 CES Innovation Award)


Introduced 2k x 2k Lightning OLED display, which has 2048 x 2048 resolution (4 million pixels) in a 1-inch diagonal size and operates up to 120 Hz with low power consumption, all of which are firsts for the VR industry. (2017 CES Innovation Award)


Introduced Whisper voice chip, which provides users superior speech recognition and voice quality – especially in noisy environments. (2017 CES Innovation Award)


Received production order of Color SXGA displays for pilot helmet display. The display meets the high brightness requirements (>5000 fL) to provide color symbology that is easy to read in full sunlight conditions.


SOLOS brings expanded running capabilities, offering enhanced software to facilitate running metrics such as elapsed time, speed, power, pace, cadence, heart rate and more. Athletes can leverage wearable sensors to measure their run performance, set targets and use the SOLOS platform to track progress on those targets


Introduced Pupil optics module, with its height smaller than the pupil of the human eye, which allows see-through and see-around without obstructing the outside view.


Received production order of SXGA displays for F35 pilot helmet displays. The display meets high brightness (>5,000fL) and stringent reliability requirements needed for all operational conditions, including bright daytime.


Kopin unveiled ultra-compact White Pearl Module incorporating low-power WQVGA display, efficient backlight and good optics for wearable products. White Pearl Module was designed in Vuzix Smart Glasses M100.


Unveiled the first Golden-i® concept system, a wearable headset computer with hands-free, voice and gesture activated command and control. Golden-i reference designs were licensed to Motorola Solutions (HC-1), Fujitsu (UBIQUITOUSWARE HMD IOT001) and Realwear (HMT-1 and HMT-1 Z1).


Kopin introduced the BDM®-230K, the world’s first complete binocular display module product for video eyewear. The BDM-230K combined two displays, backlight, and a pair of optics precisely aligned to displays for viewing comfort in a compact package. BDM-230K and other BDM products enabled a few hundred thousands of video eyewear over the next few years.


Introduced CyberEVF® 230K, the world’s first complete electronic viewfinder product for digital cameras in a single ultra-small, power-efficient package. More than 10 million CyberEVF 230k were sold for camera EVF.


Kopin’s displays and optical modules were selected for the 2013 SXGA Display F35 for all three primes (BAE, DRS and Raytheon). Kopin supplied about 250,000 gunsights over the next several years. 


Unveiled the world’s smallest color filter VGA (0.44” diagonal) microdisplay.


Introduced the CyberDisplay® product, the world’s smallest, high-performance, high resolution, information display. CyberDisplay was designed in camcorders as an electronic viewfinder (EVF) to replace CRT for the first time in the world. More than 20 million EVFs based on CyberDisplay were sold for camcorder EVF over the next few years.


Kopin became the first company in the world to volume produce heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) wafers. Power amplifiers (PAs) manufactured from HBT wafers enabled the commercial launch of CDMA phones. Today HBT PAs have become the work horse in all smart phones.


Demonstrated the first transmissive LCD on single-crystal Si backplane.


Received a $50 million dollar contract from DARPA to develop microdisplays using Kopin’s proprietary wafer lift-off technology.


Developed thin film gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells for space application with >30% AM0 efficiency, world’s record at that time.


Kopin was founded and spun out of MIT. Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Director Walter Morrow, and Taunton Mayor cut the ribbon for Kopin’s opening day.


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