1. Where are Kopin shares traded?

Kopin’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “KOPN.”

2. What was the date of Kopin’s initial public offering?

April 15, 1992.

3. When was Kopin’s most recent public offering?

Kopin’s most recent public offering occurred October 22, 1999. The company sold 2.3 million shares of common stock at $33.94 per share.

4. When did Kopin’s stock split?

Kopin issues 2 for 1 stock splits for shareholder of record on December 20, 1999 and June 20, 2000.

5. Who is Kopin’s transfer agent?

Computershare Trust Company, 
N.A. P.O.Box 43078 , 
Providence, RI 02940-3010 
(800) 962-4284

6. What is Kopin’s fiscal year?

Kopin’s fiscal year ends on the last Saturday of December.

7. Where is Kopin based?

Kopin’s headquarters is located at 125 North Drive, Westborough MA, 01581.
Additional facilities are located in Scotts Valley, Santa Clara (California), Dalgety Bay (Scotland), Nottingham (England), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Shatin (Hong Kong).
Please go to our Corporate ‘Contact Us’ page for detailed contact information.

8. Does Kopin have a direct stock purchase plan?

Kopin does not provide a direct stock purchase plan. To purchase Kopin common stock, please contact a stockbroker or another financial institution that offers brokerage services.

9. Where can I request a Kopin investor package?

Please contact Richard Sneider, CFO 
By Mail: Kopin Corporation, 125 North Drive, Westborough MA, 01581 
By Email:


KOPIN Corporate Headquarters 
Tel: 508-870-5959



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