Thermal Imaging

See heat signatures in total darkness for a variety of different situations, including home and personal security.

Whether you’re checking your backyard for wildlife or on the lookout for wildfires, our application-specific optical solutions quickly detect humans, animals, and objects in low visibility. Kopin is a leader in near-eye displays for handheld portable thermal imaging products, mounted units, scopes, and vision goggles, and can customize LCD, OLED, and FLCoS displays for any application.

Built for Your Market

Our wide range of experience designing application-specific optical assemblies for demanding industries like law enforcement, firefighting, and medicine, ensures we can meet the most challenging requirements.

firefighter in thermal helmet

Partnership based on deep experience

Kopin has supplied microdisplays and full optical solutions in high volumes for decades and can address your specific challenges.

We provide expertise, insight, recommendations, and support at all project levels, from development through to production. As the only company who offers all leading microdisplay types, combined with sophisticated optics, we can design custom solutions to match your application-specific needs.

microdisplay close-up

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

Kopin has the industry knowledge and experience to help you achieve your vision.

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