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Automated Optical Inspection

Kopin’s spatial light modulators (SLMs) are the core of the optical systems powering the leading in-line 3D optical inspection and measurement systems.

Light-based 3D measurement demands precision. Our Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon (FLCoS) SLMs enable systems to deliver high precision measurements, excellent measurement repeatability, and fast operation for 3D measurement of PCBs, solder paste, semiconductor packaging, BGAs, and WLPs.

Advanced FLCoS Microdisplays

Choose from a range of advanced microdisplay technologies at various resolutions and diagonal sizes, including FLCoS, where each pixel acts as a controllable polarization converter, allowing or preventing light from exiting the system as needed.

FLCoS microdisplay

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

Kopin works with you to meet all 3D optical metrology system needs.

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