Kopin Provides Licenses, Components to Fujitsu’s New Smart Headset


Fujitsu Head-Mounted Display for Enterprise Begins Selling in Japan

Kopin® Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a leading developer of
innovative wearable computing technologies and solutions, announced
today that it has licensed certain wearable technologies and is
supplying key components to the FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE
Head-Mounted Display, for enterprise customers. The HMD unit, which is
based on Kopin’s latest concept system design and began sales in Japan
on May 11, incorporates Kopin’s display module, optics, Voice ExtractionTM
Filter (VEF) technology and software.

“We at Fujitsu are really pleased to have worked with Kopin in our
Head-Mounted Display development,” said Ms. Kaoru Chujo, Vice President
in charge of advanced technologies for the Ubiquitous Products Business
Group, Fujitsu Limited. “We appreciate the strong support provided by
Kopin’s engineers during our development process. Kopin’s concept design
and engineering support facilitated a very fast development time for
this product.”

“We are extremely pleased to have contributed to the industrial HMD
Fujitsu has developed with our advanced display, optical, software and
audio technologies,” said Dr. John C.C. Fan, Kopin’s President and Chief
Executive Officer. “We believe that the combination of Kopin’s advanced
HMD technology and Fujitsu’s Human-Centric technology has created a
revolutionary, market leading HMD system. The Fujitsu Head-Mounted
Display product has a wide range of potential business applications,
such as equipment maintenance and repair, and we look forward to working
with Fujitsu in exploring all of these opportunities.”

The Fujitsu Head-Mounted Display has a monocular display pod containing
Kopin’s WVGA display (854 × 480 resolution), a camera, two microphones,
and various sensors. The unit can be operated with a wearable keypad
(included) or by voice using Kopin’s patented robust VEF Technology that
enables extremely high speech recognition rates in noisy environments.
The unit has rugged construction with water-resistant (IPX5/7) and
dust-resistant (IP5X) ratings, so it can be used with confidence in
challenging environments, including the outdoors. For infrastructure
inspections or assembly work at a factory, the unit allows for
hands-free task support in the form of still pictures, video, and audio
for safer and more accurate execution. It also allows for remote support
of trainees, allowing fewer operators on site while helping
less-experienced operators improve their productivity.

About Kopin

Kopin Corporation is a leading developer of innovative wearable
computing technologies and solutions. Kopin’s technology portfolio
includes ultra-small displays, optics, speech enhancement technology,
software, low-power ASICs, and ergonomically designed smart headset
concept systems. Kopin’s proprietary components and technology are
protected by close to 300 global patents and patents pending. For more
information, please visit Kopin’s website at www.kopin.com.

Kopin and Voice Extraction are trademarks of Kopin Corporation.

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