Kopin Receives $3 Million in New Orders for Several Simulated Thermal Sights


WESTBOROUGH, Mass. – Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a leading provider of application-specific optical solutions and high performance micro-displays for defense, enterprise, consumer and medical products, today announced it has received several new orders from multiple customers for its simulated thermal sights used in armored vehicle training systems, totaling in excess of $3 million. These simulated thermal sights support the training of armored vehicle crews in integrated multi-platform mission trainers. We believe recent deployment of armored vehicles in multiple theaters is driving the need for increased training capabilities and leading to the procurement of significant quantities of additional trainers.

“Kopin has a long history of supplying advanced training systems that create high fidelity simulated situations that the crews experience in fielded armored vehicles,” stated Bill Maffucci, the Company’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. “Our supply of both the tactical and training versions of these display systems allows Kopin to accurately reproduce the look and feel for training systems, resulting in maximum effectiveness when training our warfighters. We are very pleased to have received these additional orders and recognize the trust placed in Kopin in the very important task of preparing or men and women to defend our freedom.”

The Kopin products supplied under these orders are fully integrated display systems consisting of microdisplays, optics, electronics and environmental enclosures which simulate the display Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) installed in several U.S. manufactured armored vehicles. Deliveries of these systems are scheduled to take place through mid-2024.

About Kopin

Kopin Corporation is a leading developer and provider of innovative display and optical technologies sold as critical components and subassemblies for defense, industrial and consumer products. Kopin’s technology portfolio includes ultra-small Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal displays (AMLCD), Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) displays and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays, a variety of optics, and low-power ASICs. For more information, please visit Kopin’s website at www.kopin.com.

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