SOLOS Forms Partnership With TrainingPeaks, Global Leader in Structured Training


SOLOS Integrates TrainingPeaks’ ‘EnhancedStructured Workouts’

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN)announces today a partnership
with TrainingPeaks LLC., a global leader in providing complete solutions
for smart and effective endurance training. Kopin’s SOLOS® Smart
Glasses, the world’s most advanced augmented reality (AR) glasses for
athletes, now supports TrainingPeaks’ Structured Workouts. SOLOS Smart
Glasses provide the user with visual and audio prompts for Structured
Workouts targets on the non-obtrusive heads-up display and near-ear
stereo micro-speaker system.

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SOLOS Athlete and retired road racing cyclist, Phil Gaimon, training with SOLOS Smart Glasses. (Phot ...

SOLOS Athlete and retired road racing cyclist, Phil Gaimon, training with SOLOS Smart Glasses. (Photo: Business Wire)

Structured Workouts allows athletes and coaches to quickly and easily
create a plan based on distance, duration and intensity using power,
heart rate, pace, or perceived exertion. The Structured Workouts
automatically calculates the target power, heart rate, or pace values to
adjust for changes in an athlete’s performance thresholds and zones
settings. The Structured Workouts is synced to the SOLOS Smart Glasses
by exporting the workout to SOLOS Smart Glasses app on the user’s
smartphone. Real-time performance data such as duration, intensity and
compliance is easily communicated via visual and audio prompts to
athletes who can quickly know if they are meeting or missing their
workout targets.

“In 2016, SOLOS Smart Glasses were used in a first-of-its-kind
collaboration with Team USA and IBM. Bringing augmented reality
technology to Team USA athletes set the gold standard for athlete
feedback and the ability to make adjustments on the fly,” said Jim
Miller, Vice President of Business Development and High Performance at
TrainingPeaks. “The latest integration for the brand is the new
TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts. With this new feature, SOLOS has, yet
again, set the gold standard with its use of visual and audio feedback,
assisting athletes through their daily workouts.”

Before this integration, when faced with a complex training session,
many athletes resorted to using an outdated Post-it system or phone
checks while moving at 25 mph. Athletes monitoring their workout details
with a bike computer or watch had to take their eyes off the road. With
SOLOS Smart Glasses, users now have every detail needed to complete and
stay on track with their session, without ever looking down or losing

“We are excited to provide SOLOS Smart Glasses users a superior way to
execute Structured Workouts on the bike and on the run,” said Scott
Fliegelman, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, SOLOS Smart Glasses.
“As an avid TrainingPeaks athlete and coach for more than 10 years, I
have been testing this integration for the past several months, and
consider it to be one of the best system applications of SOLOS to date.
Bringing together TrainingPeaks’ globally recognized expertise on sports
performance with SOLOS’ augmented reality technologies marks a critical
milestone for our product and tech roadmaps.”

Using TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts with SOLOS Smart Glasses is a
simple process. Selecting the “workouts” option on the companion app
menu in the user’s smart phone syncs the SOLOS Smart Glasses with
TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts information. During the workout, the
non-obtrusive heads-up display and near-ear stereo micro-speaker system
in the SOLOS Smart Glasses provides athletes with vital information
needed, starting with the targets set for that training session. The
SOLOS Smart Glasses use an easily readable color-coded interface to show
target ranges, which the user can customize at the beginning of the
workout. Targets include important metrics such as power, heart rate,
pace, cadence, and more.

SOLOS Smart Glasses give athletes updates throughout their workout
according to their compliance with set targets, advising them if they
are on track or out of the range. The “Virtual Coach” feature in the
SOLOS app settings provides athletes the ability to adjust tolerance,
setting a percentage of variation athletes can deviate from set targets,
and how often feedback is provided, visually or audibly. After
completing a workout session, users can easily access their recorded
performance metrics on their smartphones for a quick assessment of their
overall performance.

The new SOLOS and TrainingPeaks integration app is available now and
free to all SOLOS and TrainingPeaks customers and is compatible with iOS
and Android. SOLOS Smart Glasses are available now at
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SOLOS® smart glasses are the world’s most technologically advanced smart
glasses. Leveraging decades of Kopin’s experience in heads-up displays
and other technologies, SOLOS smart glasses inform and inspire athletes
to reach their full athletic potential. Built for cyclists, runners and
triathletes, SOLOS smart glasses deliver critical information to the
athlete in a seamless, integrated fashion through real-time audio,
visual feedback. SOLOS smart glasses provide a more natural way of
communicating that’s safer and immediate, keeping the athlete focused,
present and more fully aware. Smart Communication. Ultimate Performance.
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Kopin Corporation is a leading developer of innovative wearable
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About TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks creates endurance training apps and solutions that help
athletes and coaches prepare the right way to reach their goals.
Products include TrainingPeaks web and mobile apps for iOS and Android
to help athletes commit to a clear goal, structure their training so
they can work out smarter, and monitor their progress as they work
toward their event goal. Additional TrainingPeaks products include WKO4
desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and
Best Bike Split’s predictive performance tools. TrainingPeaks solutions
are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians,
age-group athletes and coaches around the world. Learn more at

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