Wearable Surgical Model CR3

Our CR3 Wearable Surgical Monitor, developed in partnership with HMDmd, is designed specifically as a complement to the new technologies which are rapidly transforming surgery and interventional medicine in today’s integrated operating rooms.

CR3 is a wearable video monitor with twin high-resolution microdisplays which provide 3D and 2D video images at the limit of human visual acuity. The headset is a lightweight, ergonomic, high resolution command-and-control interface with the systems and information enabling complex minimally invasive and microsurgical procedures utilizing surgical systems such as robots, endoscopes, and microscopes.

The surgeon’s view is the equivalent of watching a 50-inch conventional monitor at a distance of 6 feet. A key ergonomic point is the weight of 9oz (250 g), distributed such that the center of gravity is right in the center of the head. Another important feature for the user is the LookDownTM feature: simply looking down, without significant head movement, provides the surgeon with a clear view of his/her hands, instrument exchanges, the patient, and the immediate OR surroundings. By restoring the line of sight to the twin microdisplays, the view of the anatomy and/or data is in exactly the same relationship to the eyes as it was before looking down.

In addition, the user maintains peripheral vision at all times, a critical feature in allowing situational awareness through long procedures. This is achieved by the unique non-occlusive design. Together with minimal head tilting (~0.5 inches), it prevents negative physical symptoms often associated with the AR and MR displays not designed with consideration of the specific ergonomics vital for the consistent performance of critical tasks over long periods.

Detailed Specifications are available on request.

Excellent Ergomonics

  • Lightweight (250g) and balanced
  • Comfortable, fatigue-free optics
  • Compatible with prescription eyewear
  • Consistent hand-eye coordination

Maintaining Situational Awareness

  • Non-occlusive wearable monitor design enables seamless transition from video image to direct view (LookDownTM ) of surgical site, instruments, and OR environment
  • Visual connection to O.R. team at all times
  • Upwards tilting feature for instant direct view of OR

High Definition 2D and 3D

  • True and natural 3D, non-polarized
  • Equivalent to viewing a 50-inch monitor from 6 feet
  • Color or monochrome video

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