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Kopin combines proven fielded visual systems design and manufacturing experience with a collaborative approach to your toughest challenges. 

Whether you are making pilot HMDs, multi-spectral weapon sights, or wearable surgical headsets – building complex vision systems requires more than the latest technology. You need a partner with the experience and knowledge to provide the right solution for your needs, who works closely with you throughout the process, from R&D and specs development to qualification and production. Kopin’s expert team of scientists and engineers understands the intricacies of complex near-eye systems and the ways they interact with the humans behind them. We listen to your needs and apply our deep experience to ensure your products are designed and built right—the first time.

Meet Your Specific Tech Needs

Kopin is the only company that can offer all leading microdisplay technologies with optics, custom built to your needs.

We combine a technology-agnostic approach with a wide range of optical modules and displays, including LCD, FLCoS, OLED, and microLED, across a variety of sizes and resolutions. Our experienced team will guide you through the design process to meet your unique cost, size, power, and brightness requirements. In addition, we focus our R&D efforts on anticipating our customers’ needs, and are always working to push the limits of what’s possible in next-gen display technology.


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