Defense + Security

Combat Vehicle Systems

Enable vehicle crews to achieve overmatch with high performance sensors and displays that deliver a range advantage.

Kopin display systems provide significant enhancements over current generation sights to allow vehicle crews to harness the full capability of new sensors. Built for reliability and high performance, our ruggedized optical assemblies enable enhanced vision for faster, more accurate targeting at longer ranges.

Advanced Technology

Custom Design

We are the only company that offers all leading display types for optimal brightness, contrast, and other critical specifications.

With a range of display technology including LCD, OLED, and next-generation ultrathin microLED, Kopin partners with you to determine the right display and optics for your mission needs. Our products are built with ruggedized custom housing to provide the highest performance in the harshest environments, including extreme temperature ranges, shock and vibration, and high humidity conditions.

microdisplay close-up

Bring Enhanced Vision to Any Mission

Kopin can meet your specifications with custom engineering, development, and manufacturing capabilities.

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