How we communicate is evolving. We're breaking away from systems that require us to adapt to them, and moving towards technologies that allow us to engage in the world.

Kopin’s CyberDisplay, created in 1999, was the first electronic viewfinder for camcorders. This technology replaced the decades’ old cathode ray tube displays, leading to more than 30 million units. 

Over the last 30 years, Kopin has been a critical driver in the proliferation of wireless technologies around the globe. Now, Kopin is providing wearable products that capitalize on the wireless internet that it helped create.

From the first portable video cameras to the advancement of smart phones, Kopin’s technologies have made innovation possible. Now, as technology moves beyond handheld devices, Kopin is poised to power the next wave of personal communication wearables.

Kopin’s portfolio includes ultra-small displays, optics, speech enhancement technology, software, low-power chipsets, and ergonomically designed Smart Eyewear and Hearables.

How we see, hear and communicate, Kopin will enhance it.

Kopin has a long history of working with the military to create advanced optical systems based on its ultra small microdisplay, optic, backlight and electronic technologies. From fighter pilot helmet displays, night vision binoculars to thermal weapon gunsights, Kopin’s technology is designed for the toughest environments, which means it’s rugged enough for anything you throw at it.

Without Kopin’s heterojunction bipolar transistor wafers, smartphones might not be as ubiquitous as they are today. Its ability to both conserve as well as amplify power made it an ideal choice for carriers to use when launching new networks. Today, billions of these chips power mobile phones across the globe, allowing them to transmit and receive data at blazing speeds.


Kopin’s displays let you see both what’s in front of you and what lies ahead. It’s in our heritage, both being at the forefront of technology and setting the stage for the next revolution.


Kopin’s history of technical innovation and computing expertise combine to create breakthrough solutions that are transforming the way people see, hear and communicate.

  • Capabilities

    Kopin’s technologies include ultra-small displays, optics, speech enhancement technology, software, and ergonomically designed headset computing systems that are used across consumer, business and military markets.


    Kopin continues to set the standard for near-eye display performance and quality, producing the world's smallest and highest-resolution transmissive liquid crystal displays (LCDs).


    Our compact, low-power application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are critical to our customers’ needs for miniaturization and minimal power consumption requirements in their wearable headsets.


    Wearable devices are redefining the interactions between users and technology. Kopin understands that the role of human factors and ergonomics is critical in shaping the experiences these devices deliver.


    Kopin optics are ideal for wearable headset devices because of their small, light-weight form factors and their ability to produce sharp and colorful images enhancing the capabilities of our display products.

    Speech Enhancement

    Kopin’s voice capabilities enable ultimate hands-free convenience for wearable headsets. Our technology and expertise is focused on improving the voice recognition accuracy even in the noisiest conditions.


    Kopin has been highly prolific in advancing human-computer interaction modalities for wireless "Hands-Free" mobile computing and communications


    Portable electronics including wearable headsets require packaging many parts into really tight spaces to reduce the size and weight of the unit. 

  • Offerings

    With the combination of Kopin’s technology portfolio and experience in system design, we are able to provide tailored reference designs, displays, military solutions, and modules that meet the product development needs of our customers.

    Headset Solutions

    Kopin designs concept systems to help its customers accelerate the development of wearable headset systems.

    Component Products

    Kopin offers the world’s smallest and densest transmissive liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Kopin’s displays, together with its compact optics and low-power ASICs, provide optimum solutions ...

    Military Products

    As the largest supplier of microdisplays for the U.S. military, Kopin has delivered displays and modules that are inside a quarter million deployed systems ...



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    WESTBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN) announced today that it will launch and demonstrate its Whisper™ Voice Chip at CES®2016, one of the noisiest and most difficult places on planet Earth for users of smart phones and wearables to hear and be heard. Designed to enhance the performance of existing audio systems and speech recognition engines, the Whisper chip allows the speaker’s voice to be clearly “heard” by the listener...

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