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The Right Optical Module for Your Application

Our compact, power-saving assemblies with integrated high resolution microdisplays and optics are ideal for wearable and portable devices.

Kopin offers a variety of complete optical modules for clarity, brightness, and image accuracy requirements. Our low power, compact modules are reliable, adaptable, and easy to integrate into your products, from headsets to cameras to enterprise wearables.

CyberEVF (WVGA) 0.32” Color LCD Optical Module

This complete EVF solution enables OEMs to shorten design times for new products and substantially reduce assembly costs. 


White Pearl (WQVGA) 0.2” Color LCD Optical Module

White Pearl is a compact display module that provides a bright full-color image, ideal for wearable computing and communication devices.

White Pearl

Golden Pearl (WVGA) 0.32” Color LCD Optical Module

With transmissive LCD, efficient backlight, and curved prism optics, Golden Pearl is sunlight-readable and low power.

Golden Pearl optical module

Ruby (SVGA) 0.6” Color and Mono LCD Display Module

Ruby full-color or monochrome modules are designed for easy integration and high performance over a wide range of temperatures.


Emerald (SVGA) 0.44” Color and Mono LCD Display Module

The Emerald module is a fully integrated plug-and-play display solution in a reliable package suitable for a variety of applications.


Enhancing Vision and Ensuring Performance

We work closely with you to create the right optical module for your application.

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