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Enterprise Wearables

Connect field-based workers to remote experts with our integrated optical solutions.

Our application-specific optical assemblies help power wearable technology that facilitates real-time remote problem-solving, increases situational awareness and improves productivity – all while providing worker comfort and safety.


Our optical modules are low power and high resolution, and provide easy design integration with your systems.

Golden Pearl optical module

Advanced Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Save time with lightweight display and optical components that will seamlessly fit into your product design.

With the highest number of head-worn fielded systems in the industry, our solutions are key components of leading wearable and smart glasses products. Our experience and complete customization capabilities take the burden of development off of you and can match any application-specific requirements.

Field worker wearing headset with remote expert

Kopin Brings Clarity to Any Challenge

Optics for enterprise wearables can revolutionize your workforce today.

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