Ruby SVGA 0.6” Color and Mono Integrated Display Modules

The Ruby SVGA 0.6” Color and Monochrome Display Modules are fully integrated into a digital display module for commercial, industrial, or rugged applications. This includes a transmissive SVGA 0.6” color or Mono LCD (804 x 604 resolution) that’s masked to provide a SVGA (800 x 600 resolution) viewing area, an efficient waveguide backlight, and integrated driver electronics and optical options.

The Ruby Color and Mono Display with Kopin’s A251 Display Driver Board consumes less than 355 and 225 mW respectively at display brightness of 102 cd/m2. Further system power savings are achievable using capabilities on the ASIC and LCD.


Active Resolution + (2-pixel horizontal and vertical orbit) 800 x 600 x RGB
Total Resolution 804 x 604 x RGB
Dot Pixel Pitch 5.0 x 15.0 μm
Ultra-Compact 0.6″ (Diagonal)
Active Pixel Area 12 mm x 9 mm
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Non-Uniformity < 20% Large Area / < 12% Small Area
Active Resolution 800 x 600 (Mono)


Options available on request

Video Input Interface

Parallel SVGA (800 x 600) 24-bit Color or 8-bit Mono
Parallel VGA (640 x 480) 24-bit Color or 8-bit Mono

Frame Rate

60 Hz


Image Flip Horizontal and Vertical
Calibrated Brightness and Gamma
Internal Video Test Patterns
Control Interface: I2C


Waveguide Backlight
Max Brightness > 343 cd/m2 (Dependent on Backlight)
Contrast Ratio (Typical) > 100:1


Dimension 25.9 (W) x 25.9 (H) x 9.5 (D) mm
Weight < 7g
Mounting Brackets 2 or 4

Power Consumption

< 355 mW (Color) at 102 cd/m2
< 225 mW (Mono) at 102 cd/m2

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