SXGA 0.88″ M249 FLCoS Display

The SXGA microdisplay is a digitally-controlled reflective ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCoS) spatial light modulator (SLM) suitable for imaging and other light modulation applications.

When coupled to a microdisplay interface product and an appropriate optical system, the SXGA microdisplay can be used to control either the amplitude or phase of light incident upon it.

The microdisplay is an electro-optical device that takes a 2D 1-bit binary array as its input and maps it to its corresponding pixel array. Each pixel can be “on” or “off” according to the value of the corresponding input bit. With appropriate optics and using Time Domain Imaging™ techniques, a diverse range of applications can be served.

High fill-factor (small inter-pixel gap, no sub-pixels), customizable color gamut, no image burn-in of static content and fast refresh make the SXGA particularly suitable for applications requiring high-fidelity image reproduction such as virtual imagers for training & simulation applications, video monitoring, and medical image injection.

A choice of video or flash memory based interface platforms support applications ranging from structured light projection for automated optical inspection (AOI) to ophthalmic diagnostic equipment.

The microdisplay’s ability to function at large angles of incidence makes it an ideal choice for projection systems where off-axis projection is required in order to meet the Scheimpflug condition. We have a long-term supply policy for this product, making it an ideal choice for products demanding long term support.


Resolution Standard SXGA
Pixel Resolution 1280 x 1024
Active Diagonal Area 0.88″
Fill Factor >96%
Light Modulation Binary Amplitude / Binary Phase
Pixel Pitch 13.62 µm
Pixel Form Factor Square
Wavelength Range 430 nm-700 nm
Reflectance* 60%
Contrast Ratio >1000:1**
Operating Temperature 10°C to + 50°C
Storage Temperature -30 to +70°C
Integrated Temperature Sensor N
Frame & Mask N
Compatible Interfaces R3, R5 (video IF); R12 (memory IF)
Max Frame Rate (24 bit video IF) 85 Hz
Max Binary Frame Rate (memory IF) 3.2 kHz
Weight 10 g
*Photopic reflectance: this value includes polarization conversion efficiency, transmission/reflection, absorption and fill factor losses but does not include initial light polarization or duty cycle.

**This is a system parameter dependent upon f/# of illumination, choice of polarizing components and inter display-illumination alignment.

With R3 Interface

Interfaces Analogue RGB + Syncs / DVI / USB 2.0 / RS-232
Synchronization Outputs LED Current Drive / LED Enables
Power +12VDC / 14.4W (Single channel system)
Max Umbilical Cable Length 2.5m
Optional dither algorithms to increase greyscale resolution
Fast switching liquid crystal (typical 40 μs)
Compatible with multiple illumination sources
Remote connection of microdisplay(s) via LVDS connection
Optional dual head configuration
Different display addressing sequences available for diverse applications

With R5 Interface

Maximum Refresh Rate 85Hz (SXGA, 24-bit color)
120Hz (WXGA, 24-bit color)
Interfaces DVI / USB 2.0 / RS-232
Synchronization Outputs LED Current Drive / LED Enables / V-Sync
Power +12VDC / 5.4W (including Microdisplay & LED drive)
Weight 69g (Driver Board & Microdisplay)
24-bit color system
Compact, plug-and-play, all-digital interface
Customizable color gamut
Fast switching liquid crystal (typical 40 μs)
Gamma correction / dither algorithm
Remote connection of microdisplay(s) via LVDS connection
Digital video input (DVI)
PC based GUI/API for system integration & control
Different display addressing sequences available for diverse applications

With R12 Interface

Maximum Refresh Rate 3.2 kHz Binary / 240-360 Hz 8-bit Greyscale
Interfaces USB 2.0 / RS-232 / RS-485
Synchronization Isolated Input Triggers Programmable Isolated Output Sync Isolated Illumination Sync Inter-unit Sync (Daisy Chain)
Power +12VDC / 3.3W
Weight 32g (Driver Board u0026 Microdisplay)
Powerful GUI and API
Reduced design-in time with optional LED driver
Small form factor
Fast switching liquid crystal (typical 40 μs)
Flexible synchronization (including inter-unit synchronization)
Non-volatile storage for 768 bit-planes and associated sequences
One system can perform multiple measurements
Optional 4.7 A LED driver board
Direct drive with optional 50 mm flex extender
Variable display addressing sequences

Compatible Products + Accessories

R3 Interface

The high frame rate of the SXGA-R3 remote single/dual head microdisplay board drive board enhances performance for producers of both display and non-display applications, such as spatial light modulation. This is a simple and instant plug-and-play unit that supports remote connection of either one microdisplay driven from one interface board (single channel system) or two microdisplays driven from one interface board plus daughter-board (dual channel system).


R5 Interface

SXGA-R5 is a compact, direct drive interface suitable for all high-performance monocular, biocular, and binocular imaging applications. The SXGA-R5 system is a fast-switching, all-digital, high-performance reflective microdisplay and interface electronics. Using no color sub-pixels, the proprietary Time Domain Imaging technology provides full-color high-resolution images from one all digital microdisplay.

R12 Interface

The SXGA-R12 is a fast-switching, all-digital, high-performance reflective SLM with the R12 application specific interface and an optional 4.7 A LED driver, specifically designed to meet the demands of optical metrology system builders. The interface allows the system builder to precisely time their images on the device under test. Bi-directional trigger signals (either to the interface or from it) ensure accurate synchronization with other system components. With storage for 768 full resolution 1-bit images, the interface allows offline set up for online optimization with no controlling PC required. The SLM offers digitally precise images in a high fill factor FLCoS package ideally suited for off-axis projector applications in the 3D metrology market.

50mm Flex Extender (M131)

High Power Single Channel LED Driver (M137)

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